Merchant Mesa

Merchant Mesa is over 160,000 square feet of all-out, no holds barred, geek-tastic shopping. With hundreds of booths and tables, you’ll find something for every taste and every person on your list – and remember to treat yourself!



Exhibitor NameLocation
7th Dimension436
A Piggy's Tale147View Website
ACME Comics & Collectibles735View Website
Adventures of the 19XX313
AIColorado Club Council242View Website
Akumu Ink Corp.1139View Website
Alan Kinney Art1137View Website
All C's Collectibles Inc.845View Website
Amazing Comics227
Animation Art Emporium240View Website
Anime Pop737View Website
Appleseed Collectibles440View Website
Arapahoe Libraries506View Website
Archon Games1056View Website
Arsenal Wares329View Website
Artful Comics201View Website
Artovision953View Website
Arts Street @ YEA165View Website
Atomic Age Collectibles458
Atomic Momma Designs161View Website
Barnes & Noble Colorado Blvd525
Beckett Authentication312View Website
BEEFY & CO.1117View Website
Benitez Productions1213View Website
Blade Daddy859View Website
Bob the Artist618View Website
Boss Stage Arcade & Anime362View Website
BottiVingelo1115View Website
Brian McCullough407View Website
Brian Pulido / Lady Death/Coffin Comics561View Website
Brick Bunch151View Website
Brittnee Braun Designs459View Website
Cap for Kids157View Website
CaveGeek1133View Website
CBCS533View Website
Center for Cyber Safety and Education256View Website
CGC1125View Website
Charlie La Greca1300View Website
Chicago Costume1007View Website
Collectors Rebellion444
Colorado Connections Academy145View Website
Comic Book College369View Website
Comic Madness749
Conpacks Studios471View Website
Cosplay Much? / Patterns of Time, Inc.1101View Website
Crane's Post, Inc.1246View Website
Crystal Carvings1250View Website
Cutiehats266View Website
Cyanide & Happiness1059View Website
Dale Rae Designs325View Website
DAMON BOWIE ART529View Website
DaVinci Scientifica Steampunk Emporium1159View Website
DCC Sponsor - Bonfils Blood Center904
DCC Sponsor - Breckenridge Brewery755
DCC Sponsor - Hard Rock Cafe805
DCC Sponsor - iHeartRadio913
DCC Sponsor - Illegal Petes957View Website
DCC Sponsor - Tentacle Kitty807
DCC Sponsor - Westword915
Denver Custom Ink630View Website
Digital PIMP1045View Website
Dragon Alley Jewelry444
Dragon Pets370View Website
Dryad Tea273View Website
Dustin Resch644View Website
Eagle Anime306View Website
Elven Caravan250View Website
Endless Trails331View Website
ExoticLenses/The Contact Lens Company343View Website
Faketoos1203View Website
Fame and Fortune Artisans330View Website
FanSets1025View Website
Fantasm360View Website
Figurephenatix Collectibles951
Fine Comic Collectibles556View Website
FireChilde Glass Studio1204View Website
Foster's Home 4 Toys171View Website
Fugitive Toys301View Website
Gavin Gray Valentine Art632View Website
Geekify Inc408View Website
Gem City Books333View Website
Generations of Art434View Website
Glitch Gaming Apparel238,250,1050View Website
Graham Crackers Comics LTD131View Website
Gravity Dice1155View Website
Grreat Entertainment203View Website
H's Collectibles - John Hernandez1144
Hall of Justice Comics & Collectibles472View Website
Happy Sun Enterprise Inc.259View Website
Harebrained Design260View Website
Here Be Comics!1011
hobbyfan.com431View Website
Hotflips.com1150,223View Website
I Want MORE Comics839View Website
Incredible Art Gallery1245View Website
J&R Apparels463View Website
Jewelry Brands469
Jurassic Park Collectibles ( Website
KaPow Comics & Coffee, LLC1112View Website
Kevin Eslinger1145View Website
Kevin Meinert547View Website
Kidrobot239View Website
Kirin Ltd / Kirin Games1044View Website
La Muerte Apparel241View Website
Lair of Abraxas1048View Website
Lisa Villella Illustration624View Website
Literary Alterations300
M. Victoria Robado1214View Website
MacWolf Productions LLC307View Website
Make Believe Books430View Website
Manga University149View Website
Mer Cosmetics406View Website
mg comics inc317View Website
Mike S Miller Art1252View Website
Mile High Astronomy143View Website
Mile High Comics835
Monster's Lair Comics1038
Monte Moore/Maverick Arts557View Website
Moonglow Jewelry569
Mud In My Blood445View Website
Multiverse Books264View Website
MUSETAP1158View Website
Nani?Wear342View Website
Nayuki Draws & Yanimator Art1131View Website
Neal Adams571View Website
Nerdy Novelty Design1212
Nitelyfe Pins461View Website
Obscure Belts1017View Website
OffWorld Designs, Inc.917View Website
Panda Kitty Studios358View Website
Peach Seas262View Website
Pendragon Costumes447
PescEffects- The Art of Jerry Pesce931View Website
Pink Havok: The Art of Blake Henriksen1207View Website
Planet Toys1001View Website
Poetic Earth Handmade Journals + Bags401View Website
Pop Stop1220View Website
POSTERSCENE224View Website
PulsArt Studio1147View Website
Purple Plum Inv1047View Website
Rainy Day Anime340View Website
Razors Edge Collectibles1028View Website
Red Rocket Farm634View Website
Refreshing Designs350View Website
Reynolds Advanced Materials947View Website
Rocket Pop Inc648View Website
Rocky Mountain Dragons LLC159View Website
RTS Unlimited, Inc.230View Website
Sally Centigrade1209View Website
Scifi Cards334View Website
Scumbags and Superstars1211View Website
Secret Compass Inc.335View Website
Secret Cow Level1054View Website
Shark Robot339,937View Website
Siouxsiequeue's268View Website
Smoketree Workshop LLC1129View Website
Snappy Ties1113View Website
Sorbet Jungle LLC346View Website
Sparkle! Designs1034View Website
Spoke Art549View Website
Stang's Collectables1106
Steam Crow Monster Rangers1141View Website
STL Ocarina366View Website
StylinOnline217,757,901View Website
Super Sox Shop258View Website
SuperHeroStuff.com425View Website
Supernatural & Hermione's1016View Website
Tara Fernon628View Website
Tasty Peach Studios403View Website
Tee No Evil457View Website
TeeTurtle257,1027View Website
Terry Huddleston ART560View Website
The Blonde Swan1024View Website
The Comic Cellar349View Website
The Comix Cave LLC1151
The Geek Realms544View Website
The Hive Gallery1216View Website
The OMG! Store244
The Ronin Saga1256View Website
the starving nerdists467View Website
The Stickerman Online345
The Truffle Cottage1012
The Utilikilts Company, LLC1019View Website
The Wizard's Chest1080View Website
This Little Piggie Bags411View Website
Tickle Me Toys322View Website
Time Warp Comics and Games801View Website
Timid Monsters1135View Website
Tony Santiago Art1124View Website
Top 5 Comics265View Website
Toy Mandala363View Website
Toymagnus Books & Games1200View Website
Toynk.com1140,453View Website
TOYSBOT.COM245,825View Website
TOYSLOGIC231View Website
Tracimoc465View Website
Tractor Beam Apparel464View Website
Travis Hanson646View Website
Trinkets N Tidbits432View Website
Two Phat Cats1116View Website
Ukiyo-pop572View Website
Victorian Elegance Jewelry642View Website
Volante Design, Inc.309View Website
Wata Games955
Werks3D959View Website
Whimsic Alley357View Website
Wibbily wobbly timey wimey426View Website
WildstarTempest660View Website
World In Chains Chainmail567View Website
XM Studios125View Website
Yes Anime Inc813View Website
Yesterdays Enamel Pin543View Website
You Hung The Moon1148View Website

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Merchant Mesa?

Merchant Mesa is one of the largest Denver Pop Culture Con Attraction Areas where the majority of exhibitors and merchants are located. The Mesa includes hundreds of booths with thousands of pop culture themed items for sale. Wander around, “window shop”, and maybe even find that special, hard-to-find gift for a friend (or yourself) - Merchant Mesa has something for just about everyone.

Is Merchant Mesa Open All-Day, for the Entire Con?

Yes. Merchant Mesa will open and close with the show floor each day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Do the Merchants Accept Credit Cards, or is It Cash Only?

Denver Pop Culture Con ensures that all exhibitors in Merchant Mesa have the option to accept major credit cards. Most choose to accept them, but there are a small number who choose to accept cash only. If you find out an exhibitor is cash-only, there are ATMs available onsite where you an withdraw cash. Note, however, that these ATMs do charge a fee, so we recommend you bring some spending cash with you just in case.

Will Merchants Hold My Purchased Items at Their Booth, So I Don’t Have to Carry them Around with Me and Can Pick Them Up When I Leave?

Unfortunately, most if not all exhibitors do not offer this type of service and for security reasons will not hold purchased merchandise at their booths. It’s best to bring a large bag with you for carrying purchases, plus all the free SWAG (Stuff We All Get) you may receive walking the show floor. Many exhibitors will provide branded bags for free, and another option is to purchase a Denver Pop Culture Con 2018 branded bag from the Denver Pop Culture Con Merch Store.

Is It OK to Bring Small Children Into Merchant Mesa?

We’ve worked to make the merchandise offered in Mesa as child-friendly as possible. As with any retail experience, there may be some instances where you feel the merchandise is not appropriate based on your own standards. As you watch your children carefully, please simply redirect them if you find something you believe to be inappropriate. If you feel strongly that an item is offensive, please let us know by sending email to