Reel Heroes

A live “DVD Extras” for your favorite movies and TV shows: From voice actors to stunt coordinators, these filmmakers show you what goes on behind the scenes.


Guests Appearing

Panels and Programming


Exhibitor NameLocation
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema210View Website
DCC Guest - Brian Cummings109
DCC Guest - DMC117
DCC Guest - Ginny Di202
DCC Guest - Greg Guler111
DCC Guest - John Eaves212
DCC Guest - Keith Coogan119
DCC Guest - Terry Moore (ABSTRACT STUDIO)Q3,Q5
DCC Guest - The Aquabats216
DCC Guest - The Deacon101
DCC Guests - Comics Explained & Comicstorian103
DCC Guests - James Lew & Jenel Stevens204
DCC Guests - Mark Grove & Sara Salazar200
DCC Guests - Ryan Lambert & Andre Gower107
Indigenous Narrative Collective218
Indigenous Narratives Collective218View Website
Reel Nerds Podcast105View Website
Warner Bros.206