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Kristen Simmons


KRISTEN SIMMONS will be signing her latest epic book Pacifica at Denver Comic Con 2018. This book is a must read, as Kristen describes it’s background: “I’m half Japanese, and my great-grandmother was a school teacher in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed…. She was escorted, at gunpoint, to an immigration station in Honolulu… moved to an internment camp in Crystal City, Texas. There, she ate meager rations, bathed under supervision, was subjected to American loyalty tests, and waited for infrequent, screened letters from her children, until the end of WWII.” An amazing follow up to her Article 5 Series (Article 5, Breaking Point, and Three) and the stand alone novels The Glass Arrow and the just-released Metaltown.

Kristen has a master's degree in social work and is an advocate for mental health. She lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the author of the Visit her online at