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Laurel McHargue


Laurel McHargue believes her years at West Point and as an Army Officer for over nine years prepared her to write in many genres, including her most recent award-winning fantasy/adventure series,Waterwight. The hero is a feisty orphan in search of answers to what caused “The Event” that shattered the planet. A mountain spirit tells Celeste she must find the key to stopping a growing, noxious ooze that threatenes to destroy what remains of humanity, and with the help of a flying frog, talking animals, and children with unique powers, she discovers far more about the planet’s inhabitants as she is pursued by a Shapeshifter who wants her dead. Kirkus Reviews says, "Striking dreamscapes make this tale about a heroine who can fly a fine first outing in a planned series," and remarks on "Imaginative characters that powerfully tap into myth" in Waterwight Flux (Book II). The third and final book in the series will be completed this year and promises to stun fans! The first two books, along with Laurel’s five other books in multiple genres, will be available at her table in author alley, where Laurel will autograph books when she’s not moderating exciting panels during the Comic Con. She has published several nonfiction pieces for Colorado Central Magazine and the Not Your Mother’s Book series, edited Not Your Mother’s Book…On Being a Stupid Kid, and is producing one fictional short story per month for her podcast. When she’s not reading or writing or hiking with her German Shepherd or paddleboarding, she’s hosting her podcast Alligator Preserves. She also likes to act.

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