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Liv Hadden is a Clarity Guide and the creator of Self-Aware Millennial (SAM), the podcast community for people seeking a joyously authentic life. Her work is built upon her deep belief that every person has a profound gift to share with the world; her mission is to create platforms and spaces for people to find their inner purpose, then share it with confidence and pride.

She’s also an award-winning fiction author of In the Mind of Revenge, author of the non-fiction book Get Your Joy On™, and former owner of The Offbeat Writer, a one-stop-shop for authors seeking publication (traditional or self). As a creative entrepreneur, she has acquired a variety of skills and experiences that have allowed her to explore personal leadership on a deep and spiritual level. She created the SAM community as a way to share the knowledge she’s acquired and continues to learn along the way. She is also a Global Shaper in the Austin hub, which is a group of young leaders around the world seeking to affect positive change in their local communities.
One of the most rewarding parts of her career is the opportunity to commune with others through storytelling. Whether it’s written or orated, Liv believes everyone has a story to tell and sharing it is a tool with emotional and spiritual benefits through every season of life. She’s participated in keynotes, panels, and run workshops to help people unlock their inner story and release it into the world.

Liv resides in Austin, TX with her partner and two dogs. You can find her on most social media @livhadden or @selfawaremillennial.

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