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Peter Heller

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Fans of Peter Heller, look out, he's coming to DPCC 2019! A longtime contributor to NPR, former contributing editors of several popular magazines (Outside Magazine, Men's Journal, National Geographic Adventure), and author of literary nonfiction, Heller has seen it all. Heller has taken his adventures and experiences, like his time as a dishwasher, construction worker, logger, offshore fisherman, kayak instructor, river guide, and world-class pizza deliverer and catalogued them in his captivating accounts, Set Free in China, Sojourns on the Edge and Hell or Hi Walter: Surviving Tibet's Tsangpo River. Make sure to check out Heller's award-winning novels, The Dog Stars, The Painter, and the soon to be released Celine, and come to Con ready to learn more from the man of adventure.

Author autographs are free. You may bring your own books, or buy copies at the show, and have them signed at one of our 10 author booths in Merchant Mesa near the Upper-F entrance during the authors' posted signing times.

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