Are There Lines and How Do I Avoid Them?

by | Nov 29, 2017

Waiting in line is no one’s idea of a great time, but we all know that when you go to a large event, theme park, or sporting event, they are inevitable. While Denver Pop Culture Con (Denver Pop Culture Con) does its best to move people as efficiently as possible, some strategic planning ahead on your part can dramatically decrease your stress on con days. Here are some things you need to know before you go.

Know Where You’re Going and How You’ll Get There

We provide maps and support personnel outside the convention center to direct people to the proper entrance, but locating that entrance for yourself ahead of time can save you a lot of walking, which leads to the next point: Consider how you’ll get to the convention center.

Depending on your mobility, the mobility of those in your party and whether you have children in tow, you can choose a range of options. Know that driving and parking is going to be the most expensive and frustrating option, given that there is another citywide event happening during the con in 2018.

If it’s possible, parking at a light rail station and riding in to the stop at the convention center is a good option, as is using a service like Lyft (iOS or Android) or even a taxi, which can drop you wherever you want to be and pick you up at your whim.

Lines Happen – Have a Plan to Wait in Them

Bring a snack and/or drink, wear comfortable shoes, and chat up the people around you – maybe make some new friends.

The fastest line to get into the convention center is the one for folks who don’t have bags or props. So, if you can, leave those things at home and you’ll get inside the building faster.

We do know, however, that lots of people require bags and many choose to bring props. You can still do yourself a favor by checking our prop and cosplay policies ahead of time (once they are posted), which make it clear what’s allowed in and what is not.

Have those bags open and ready for inspection as you approach the security check, and be prepared to have your prop inspected if you have one.

PRO TIP: if you plan to buy things at the con, come in without a bag, buy a great $5 Denver Pop Culture Con tote inside the con, or score one of those free giant bags from Stylin’ and carry out all your great swag.

Saturday is Going to Be Packed – It’s the Busiest of the Three Days 

If you plan to attend on Saturday, and you want to be among the first to enter the convention center, plan to wait longer. The number of people who arrive from 8-10 a.m. is typically the most at one time all weekend.

We can only process thousands of people so fast, so if waiting an hour or more in a long line is not something you’re prepared to do, we strongly recommend one of two potential courses:

1: Attend Friday or Sunday
2: Arrive a bit later to the con for the day, especially if you don’t have a pressing need to be there right at 10:00 am.

Of course, it’s always our goal to get everyone in the door as quickly as possible, but being prepared to wait can save stress and allow you to be pleasantly surprised if it all happens faster than you planned.

The Bottom Line 

So, the sum is that yes, there will be lines to get into the convention center, but your stress associated with them can be greatly mitigated by some good planning ahead.

Know that we’re always happy to answer your questions and be of assistance in that planning, so don’t hesitate to ask us! You can do this by messaging us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, or by sending an email to Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the con.



  1. Kayna

    These are good tips, but the biggest problem that I saw with the lines on Saturday in ’17 was that people getting off public transit didn’t know where to go. The majority didn’t go to the end of the line for entry, but skipped to the entrance and skipped the line. The good kids that went to end of line then had to wait HOURS to get in. If there is clear direction to help with those crowds (large signs & people, not just the maps or ‘planning ahead’), the lines for entry will move along much better.

    • Tara

      Kayna, we are definitely working to improve both the signage and the number of people directing traffic.

  2. Andrew Peters

    Are backpacks aloud?

    • Tara

      Andrew, yes, backpacks are allowed. However, you will be required to go through bag check upon entry.

  3. Terre

    What is the least crowded day to attend? And is there a way to find out when a certain celebrity will be there?

    • Tara

      Terre, the least crowded day is Friday, followed by Sunday. Saturday is always the busiest day and will have the longest lines. Regarding days appearing for celebrity guests, we’ll have that information on our website very soon.

  4. Tania Medina

    Do you have to get a separate/special ticket to get autographs or does it come with the general admission ticket and just get in a line?

    • Tara

      Tania, it’s a separate fee for autographs. Once you have your general admission ticket, you may visit Celebrity Summit on the main show floor to purchase an autograph. They are available on site, cash only.

  5. Heather Cundari

    Hello Tara and Comic Con guests! Let me first say if I ask repeated questions that others asked, I apologize. I’m trying to be thorough. This is my and my niece first time attending. I’m also traveling from a bit of distance. I purchased 2 3-day passes for my niece and I to attend (her mom may go 1 day instead of me). My questions are as follows:

    #1 Are the fees for the photo-op same prices as the autographs?If not what are they and when will we know? Any bulk discounts?

    #2 Is cash required of both the photo-op and the autographs?

    #3 Where is your list of things not allowed into the convention center/Comic Con?

    #4 Can you purchase photo-ops on site or must it be done in advance? If in advance, when will this be available?

    #5 What if you want a photo-op of 2 people that are not planned already? (Ex: Andrew and Molly or Bonnie and the gentleman who plays Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter) Can you request this ahead of time or at the photo-op?

    #6 Are there any hotels that are partnering with the Comic Con for out of town guests?

    #7 Will there be an ATM or a couple ATM machines at the Comic Con? Location?

    #8 Will there be security? Are there cameras? Due to the requirement of cash for autographs and let’s say I want 10 and they are $50/each….thats $500. That makes me and ALL guests a target. What kind of security will Comic Con have for not only those working and special guests but those attending events?

    #9 Is there an intercom system? I suspect many smaller children will attend and may ‘get away’ from the folks. Is there security measures in place? Of course it is important for parents to WATCH their children closely. But I’m a parent, I know how it happens.

    #10 Is there event parking specifically for this event? Paid or Free? Location? When does it open? When does it close?

    I may have more questions down the road but this is a good start. Thank you for your assistance!! Looking forward to the event and spending time with my niece who is EXCITEDabout this event!

    • Tara

      Hi Heather,

      1. The fees depend on the guest. You can find the pricing (if available) for each guest on their bio page on our website under “Guests”. There are no bulk discounts.
      2. Photo ops can be paid for either with cash or a credit card. Autographs are on site only, cash only.
      3. You can find that list on the policies page of our website:
      4. Photo ops will be available in advance. That usually happens about a month before con. Sign up to receive email alerts from us, and you’ll be the first to know!
      5. The only group photo ops that can happen are the ones that will be announced when photo ops go on sale. There are no individual requests.
      6. Yes! You can find a list of our hotel partners here:
      7. Yes. We will have many, many ATMs available. However, to avoid another line, it would be best if you got cash in advance.
      8. While we can’t specifically say what security measures we have in place (that would be a breach of security), we can say that we take attendee security very seriously, and we plan all year to make sure you feel as safe as possible.
      9. We have an intercom system, but it typically isn’t used for lost children. We do have a protocol in place for lost kids, however.
      10. The Convention Center does have parking, but it’s expensive and limited. You can read about it here: We’d actually suggest taking a Lyft or using the Light Rail. There is a light rail stop right in front of the Convention Center.

      Let me know if you have any more questions! I’m here to help.


  6. Diana

    I’m sure you addressed this elsewhere, so I apologize in advance for the repetition! Is there a way to purchase a ticket for autographs in advance? Thanks so much for the info!

  7. Karina

    Hi Tara, I pre-purchased a photo op for Saturday at 1.10 PM. I’ve read the info above about lines, busiest day, and other things. What time do you recommend I should start waiting in-line to enter the con, so that I will not missed my 1.10 PM photo op on Saturday? I’ll not be bringing a bag and/or props with me. Thanks!!

    • Tara

      Karina, it’s best to treat the con like the airport. I would arrive 2 hours in advance to make sure you clear entry and security and can also walk across the building to be in the right place at the right time. If you’re there early, then you just have more time to enjoy the con before your op!

  8. Amanda

    I read something about leaving enough time in between photo ops. What’s an appropriate amount to leave in between? Like, I have an opportunity at 1pm on Saturday and would like to do the Guardians team up at 12:20pm. Is that enough?

    • Tara

      Amanda, you probably should. But to be safe, leave at least a half hour to 45 minutes.


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