Comics Guests

Frank Tieri


Frank Tieri is taking over the writing duties on the raucous Harley Quinn series this year, and you will want to meet him at DCC 2018! Frank has been one of the most prolific creators for the Big Two comic publishers for almost two decades, starting with long runs writing Weapon X and Wolverine, and moving on to Underworld and New Excalibur for Marvel. More recently he has penned Wolverine vs. Thor, Punisher Noir and Deadpool Team-Up. Frank also had a stint with DC on runs of Countdown Presents: Lord Havok & the Extremists and Gotham Underground, and most recently on fellow DCC 2018 guest Scott Snyder’s Dark Nights and Metal franchise.

Frank is still working both sides of the comics fence, recently writing such titles for Marvel as Black Knight and for DC, Harley Quinn and Her Gang of Harleys. Frank also writes Pestilence for DCC exhibitor Aftershock Comics, which brings zombie horror to Medieval times, and has a completely different take on the true purpose of the Crusades. Tieri also takes a look at the tenebrous side of Archie Comics’ lovable characters, in Jughead: The Hunger.