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Jim Mehsling

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Jim Mehsling is a professional illustrator and animator whose animated Star Wars fan films have been featured on StarWars.com. These films include Bounty Hunter: The Interview, Bounty Hunter II: Pit of Carkoon (which won ‘Best Animated Feature’ from Lucasfilm in 2011) and Bounty Hunter 1.5 Trash Day. He has also been an artist on Lego Ninjago. Currently he is working on The Bobcat: A Saga from the Old West and Beyond with James Hostler and Caliber Comics, Jim is also a sketch card artist and has created sketch cards for multiple properties including Star Wars, The Walking Dead and Stranger Things for Topps, Rick & Morty for Cryptozooic, and KISS for Dynamite
Twitter: @CartoonCaveman
Instagram: @jimmehsling

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