Comics Guests

Peter Tomasi


DC readers watch out: Peter Tomasi is coming to DCC ’18! As a DC writer and former editor, there’s hardly a hero, villain, or story that Tomasi hasn’t touched. Though Tomasi is probably most well known for his work with DC’s caped heroes Batman (Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman: Arkham Knight) and Superman (Superman, Superman/Wonder Woman) his work is unforgettable on other series like Hitman, JSA, Lobo, Green Lantern Corps., and Starman. Most recently, Tomasi has been writing for multiple comics, including Super Sons and Batman: The Merciless. If you’re in the mood for a scare, make sure to check out Tomasi’s The House of Penance – a graphic novel with Ian Bertram and Dave Stewart, which tells the ghastly true story of the Winchester haunted house – but remember to leave the lights on!