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Tom King


One of the hottest writers in comics now, Tom King is best known for his recent work on the Batman comics franchise, scripting Grayson, Batman: Saga, Batman: Rebirth, and of course, the flagship Batman title. He also wrote The Omega Men and is currently scripting the psychedelic Mister Miracle for DC Comics. His arc Batman: The War of Jokes and Riddles, is one of the Washington Post’s best books of 2017. Before he signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics two years ago, King wrote the trippy New York Times best-selling The Vision series for Marvel, where the super-powered android tries to cope with life after the Avengers by building his own family.

Tom King is the author of A Once Crowded Sky, a postmodern super hero novel named by USA Today as one of the best Graphic Novels as 2012. Prior to becoming a novelist, King served in the CIA as an operation officer in the Counterterrorism Center. While in college at Columbia University, King interned at Marvel and DC Comics. He lives in Washington DC with his wife and two children, and it was recently announced that Tom will be writing the comic Sanctuary which sends the message that even superheroes struggle with mental health and need help, just like real-life veterans returning from war struggling with their own PTSD.