Page 23 is Denver Pop Culture Con’s literary conference. We prioritize diversity, innovation, safety, and inclusivity in analyses of and responses to pop culture. This happens through Page 23’s ever-expanding network of conference presenters who bring their expertise, experience, and perspectives to our stages annually.

Page 23 Virtual LitCon

October 15-17 2020
DATES TIMES (EST) PRESENTER NAME (* = Streaming a prerecorded presentation) PRESENTATION TITLE
Thursday, Oct 15, 2020
3:30-4:45 (Two individual talks) Jenn Zuko “Toxic Realism: How Method Acting Is a Dangerous Joke(r)”
Larry Brenner “Playing with Dragons: Using Role-Playing Games to Support Academic Objectives”
5-6:15 (Two individual talks) Melodie Roschman “Black Heroes Matter: Black Cosplay as Afrofuturism”
Kopal Sinha* Hulk-Smash’ing Boundaries: the Normal, the Monster, and the Superheroic Body”
6:30-7:45 (Panel) Tom Endres (Moderator) “Teaching the Pop Culture College Course”
Friday, Oct 16, 2020
2-3:15 (Two individual talks) Victor Monnin “Why Look at Dinosaurs? For a History of Dinosaur Parks in a Fossil World”
Francesca Petronio* “A Gay Old Time: Nostalgia Television and Reactionary Populism”
3:30-4:45 (Two individual talks) Christopher Bell* “Anakin Skywalker Joined a Cult: The Reality of the Jedi Order in Star Wars”
Cornelius Fortune “A Televised Revolution: Making the Leap from Composition Class to Writer’s Room”
5-6:15 (Panel) Elizabeth Coody (Moderator) “‘Holy Books and Comics, Batman!’: The Comics and Sacred Texts Database Project”
6:30-7:45 (Panel) Dan Yezbick (Moderator) Twilight Zones: Democracy Thrives on Strangeness
Saturday, Oct 17, 2020
3:30-4:45 (Two indivdual talks) Celeste Lempke “Color Me Intrigued: Characterizing Color Scheme & Costuming in M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass”
Angelica Kalika “How Does Golden Girls Hold Up Today? A Performative Gender Look at the Show’s Feminist Plot Lines”
5-6:15 (Two individual talks) Devon Keyes* “(Re)Constructing Identity after Tragedy in Marvel’s House of M Saga”
Thomas Price* “Pre-feminist or Pro-feminist? A Non-Presentist View of the Disney Princess Trope”
6:30-7:45 Jonathan Alexandratos (Moderator) Toy Talk with the Toy Experts
8-? Zoom Cocktails

Meet the Co-Directors

Tracy L. Bealer

Tracy L. Bealer is an Assistant Professor of English at Borough of Manhattan Community College. She specializes in twentieth- and twenty-first-century American pop culture and genre fiction. Her areas of scholarly interest include the intersection of gender and politics in film, television, and comics, and she has published and lectured frequently on the Harry Potter series. Bealer co-edited Neil Gaiman and Philosophy for Open Court’s Pop Culture and Philosophy series and is co-director of the Page 23 Literary Conference at Denver Comic Con. She tweets more than she should about true crime and pop culture from @TracyBealer

Jonathan Alexandratos

Jonathan Alexandratos (they/them/theirs) is a Non-Binary, New York City-based playwright, essayist, and educator.  They have been co-running Page 23 with Dr. Tracy Bealer since 2013.  Jonathan’s primary academic focus is toys.  They have been seen on PBS, heard on The Deconstruction Workers, Queersplaining, and the Is It Transphobic Podcast, and published by McFarland, Oxford University Press, LSU Press, Ohio State University Press,, Women at Warp, Toy Wizards, and others, all exploring the scholarly merits of action figures and dolls.  Find them on Instagram @toy_circus, Twitter @jalexan, or on Facebook!
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