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Mark Steven Grove began his career in the 80s as an actor and later progressed into a variety of positions including; stuntman, firearms handler, fight arranger, stunt coordinator, special effects supervisor, and second unit director on dozens of film and tele-vision productions. His company, Rocky Mountain Stunts, is an organization made up of highly skilled stunt and special effects professionals that supply motion picture and television productions with a variety of action related services. Mark made the move to the director’s chair in 1999 and wrote, produced and/or directed many projects over the next 10 years. In 2013 he established Fusion Factory Films, an independent production company focused on creating innovative cross-genre film, television, and web-based digital media utilizing Action, Fantasy, SciFi, and Horror elements. The goal is to fuse two or more of these genres together in a complimentary fashion that creates high-concept projects that can be made with conservative budgets. The first two films under the Fusion Factory Films banner was the fantasy/adventure Gathering Of Heroes: Legend Of The Sev-En Swords and the retro scifi Star Raiders: The Adventures Of Saber Raine. Both films are available on DVD, streaming, and digital download. His latest project, Shadow War, is a serial style web series. The series will follow the exploits of a Ninja vigilante and a female super spy who use their elite skills to fight evil in a city plagued with crime and corruption. Fate intervenes and they find them-selves up against a nemesis who has ties to a terrorist plot that threatens the entire country. What makes this series unique is that we have the talents of two of Hollywood’s best stunt/fight coordinators Rick Avery (Dark Knight, Captain America) and James Lew (Luke Cage, Big Trouble in Little China) as part of the team. Both of these amazing artists will be will be joining with Mark Steven Grove and Sara N. Salazar to direct, coordinate, and perform in SHADOW WAR. This year will be a busy one for Mark, as several films and TV series will be released in 2019 his credit as Stunt Coordinator. Including, Euphorium: Genesis, The Highwayman, Man Camp, and Unfollower. Mark is also writing, directing and appearing in the TV series Shadow War – and will speak on programming about all aspects of self-producing films.


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