Love Books with Words? This is the Convention for You.

by | Apr 11, 2019

First Off, A Little More About Our Name Change

From 2012 through 2018, the event that took place at the Colorado Convention Center every Summer — which brings in over 100,000 attendees every year — used to be called Denver Comic Con.  But starting this year, we’re calling ourselves Denver Pop Culture Con, instead.  Why?

First, because the event is held by and for our kids’ literacy non-profit, the Pop Culture Classroom, and the proceeds from every con go to run our workshops and classes for underserved kids and teens in our Denver classroom and in middle- and high-school classrooms throughout Colorado. 

Second, because just about everyone from 5 to 95 has TV shows, movies, or books that have made an impact on their lives.  Most people are a fan of some kind of pop culture, even if they don’t recognize that.

What do we mean by “pop culture”? Do we mean people like Kylie Jenner? No.

While Kylie may be popular, she’s not the kind of guest you’re going to find at DPCC until she films a documentary about filming Star Wars special effects.

No, what we mean by “pop culture” is contained in almost 800 hours of panels, hundreds of guests, speakers, writers, artists, cosplayers and filmmakers — who specialize in everything from animation to game design, from screenwriting to comic book art.

For Lovers of the Written Word Too

Not enough? “I read books — not comics,” you say?

How about scores of authors, participating in almost 200 hundred hours of panels and presentations, about everything from the craft of writing to how they think up all those amazing stories!  Cost? Nothing, nada, bupkis… All included in the ticket price. 

Buy a 3-day pass and show up early to get in when the doors open at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 31 and you can see all those authors and panels for free until 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 2.

Wait, you’re probably thinking, “Of course getting their autographs costs more, right?” Nope, you can even come up to them with your own worn copy, get a signature, and have a nice conversation — all for no extra cost. 

Many of these authors are coming to publicize their debut book or sell the latest book in the series, hot off the presses; you can be the first to buy that book at the Tattered Cover booth on the show floor, and literally turn around and have the author sign it at no extra charge!  That’s why the authors are there — because they’ve heard that Denver fans are the best and they want to meet their fans and make new ones.

But, you might say, “I read a different kind of book. Surely you don’t have authors who write my favorite genre?” While you might not say it exactly that way, we will still scoff: “Ha! We do have your favorite kinds of books, authors and panels, about just the kinds of books you read!”

We have not only Sci Fi and Fantasy authors like Terry Brooks (Shannara), John Scalzi (Redshirts), Pierce Brown (Red Rising series), but we have dozens of Mystery, Horror, Young Adult and Middle School, and Romance authors, too!

New for 2019: Romance Authors

Wait — Romance?  You’d better believe it:  Romance novels have changed from a lot of people’s misconceptions of it being trashy bodice-rippers with Fabio on the cover.  Of course, there’s plenty of that — and it’s as respectable as any sci-fi space opera or comic book out there, but it’s so much more:  Romance is the fastest-growing and largest literary segments, with a readership in the millions. 

And it’s not just straight, adult, white women who read Romance. Because the stories portray people taking charge of their desires, pursuing their goals and not taking grief from anyone else, there are thousands of Romance authors and books for men, people of color, and the queer community.

If you already read Romance, DPCC is where you will want to be from May 31 to June 2, 2019, to find your favorite authors or meet new ones. If the Romance genre is new to you, DPCC is a safe place to hear the authors talk about their books and try something new!  After all, that’s why pretty much everyone is there!

DPCC also hosts many Young Adult authors, who write about the relationship concerns of teens. If you’re a teen, you’ll find books and authors who write about the things that you want to read. If you’re a parent who wants to get your teen to read, or need a little perspective on teen concerns, our YA author guests and programming can help.

Until Next Time…

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Live Long and Prosper,

Bruce MacIntosh
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