Bring the Kids, DPCC Is Truly Family Friendly!

by | Jan 22, 2019

Wondering if you should bring the kids to Denver Pop Culture Con? The answer is definitely yes! What sets DPCC apart from almost every other con is that we are produced by an educational nonprofit: Pop Culture Classroom.

That means we make a huge effort every year to keep your costs down and offer an enormous amount of programming geared specifically for kids and students. If you do bring the kids, here are things you don’t want to miss, and a few tips to make your con experience the best is can be.

1. The Pop Culture Classroom Kids’ Lab

Our massive Kids’ Lab features cool, hands-on activities and, demonstrations, workshops, and exhibitors, all focused on promoting the STEAM learning curriculum. We’ll also have two stages with presentations and performances for kids by voice actors and comic pros, demonstrations by pop culture experts, and discussions for teens about the topics and issues they care about. All programming is always included in the price of admission.

2. Kid/Teen Focused Educational Panels

We’ve planned over a hundred hours of educational panels designed exclusively for kids and teens. Watch our website and social channels for an announcement of the full programming schedule soon. Friday (May 31, 2019) is particularly eventful to the under-19 crowd, because that is “Educator’s Day” at DPCC. More on that and instructions on how to apply are HERE.

3. Bring the Smallest Stroller You Can

Need to bring a stroller? Strollers are allowed on the show floor, but we recommend you bring the smallest one you can. Keep in mind that the con floor can get super crowded, so pushing a stroller through the sea of people can be very challenging at times. Best to be prepared that you may have to collapse your stroller and carry it occasionally.

4. Bring Snacks and Water Bottles

There is a LOT to do and see at the con, and your kiddos may have a hard time pausing amidst all the action, so plan on keeping them hydrated and fed on the go! Bring water bottles or sippy cups and refill them at any one of the many water fill stations and fountains throughout the convention center. Bring light snacks, too, because you’ll be burning some calories with all the walking — and remember that summer in Colorado is hot and dry.

5. Have a Plan for Breaks

Just like going to a large theme park, it’s important to plan for breaks appropriate to the age(s) of your children. The con can be overwhelming at its peak moments, and you might want to scope out on the map where areas of rest are (like the food court).

6. Remember: Child Badges Cost Less

Planning to buy tickets for the kids but wondering about prices? Con attendees 12 and under tickets are only $8.25 (before taxes and fees) – and that covers all three days of the con! Note that to get kids tickets you must initiate an online order for your adult ticket(s) first. Then, as you progress through the ordering screens, you’ll be given a choice to add child tickets to your cart. Ready to grab those tickets? You can do that HERE.


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