Booktopia brings together the today’s biggest names in genre, fantasy, sci-fi and YA literature. With hundreds of your favorite authors, publishers, vendors and retailers, this is the place to be for fans of the written word!


Special Guests

Authors and Exhibitors

Exhibitor NameLocation
Author Signing Booth #1504
Author Signing Booth #2508
Author Signing Booth #3413
Author Signing Booth #4519
Author Signing Booth #5523
Author Signing Booth #6527
C.A. Hartman FictionA13View Website
Camashea PressB12View Website
Cindi Madsen, AuthorA14View Website
Corinne O'FlynnA4View Website
CrossWinds Publishing - Sue DuffA9View Website
Damon AlanA19View Website
Dane G. KrollA15View Website
Djen-Works, LLCB4View Website
Inkwolf PressB8View Website
J.A. St. ThomasA12View Website
John R. BendleA11View Website
Julie WetzelB18View Website
Laurel McHargueB16View Website
Lisa ManifoldA2View Website
LJ HachmeisterA3View Website
Melvin the Sad...(ish) RobotB20View Website
Penguin Random House509View Website
Peter MeredithA5,A7View Website
R. S. DabneyA10View Website
RMFW Independent Published Authors LeagueA16,A18,A20View Website
Scott BeckmanA21View Website
Shawn HarperA6
Sherry D. FicklinA17View Website
Short Stuff PublishingB6View Website
Spine Press + PostB10View Website
Stant LitoreB14View Website
Susanne L. LambdinA8View Website
Tattered Cover Bookstore501View Website
Thirteen Pages PressB2View Website
Tor (Macmillan)517View Website

Booktopia Events

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Booktopia?

Booktopia is the Attraction Area at Denver Pop Culture Con that is dedicated to everything prose. Each year, we host dozens of the biggest names in genre, sci-fi and YA literature, plus book publishers and booksellers.

Does It Cost Extra to Attend Booktopia?

No, attendance and participation in Booktopia is included in the price of every attendee badge.

Does It Cost Extra to Get Autographs or Photos with the Authors?

Nope. Unlike Celebrity Summit where autographs and photos require an additional fee, there is no additional cost for meeting authors in Booktopia, chatting with them, getting autographs, and even getting selfies with them.

Will There Be Long Lines to Meet the Authors?

Lines to meet authors in Booktopia are rare, but they do happen. If there is an author you really want to meet and/or have something signed, we suggest checking in during their posted signing times at one of the official signing booths in Booktopia to see if a line has formed. If the line is particularly long, you may have to come back at their next signing or catch them in one of their many scheduled panels.

Can I Buy Books from the Booksellers in Booktopia?

Yes! We intentionally made this as easy as possible for you. You can buy the books for any guest author at the Tattered Cover Bookstores Pavilion (booths) on the show floor, and have the author sign it during their scheduled signing times right there in the Pavilion, or at a neighboring booth where the author is signing.

Can I Bring My Own Book For the Author to Sign — Or Will They Only Sign After I Buy a Book?

Our guest authors will sign anything at no charge! You can buy their new book, buy a copy of a previous volume, or bring your own. It is NOT required that you buy a book just to meet your favorite author!

Pro Tip:  Sometimes authors even give away Advance Reader Copies of their new books at their panels or booth signings! Research what’s new for these guests — either on the Denver Pop Culture Con website at, or on your favorite book news site to see if they have something new coming out at or around Denver Pop Culture Con.

Is There a Special Process for Meeting Jim Davis and Garfield?

Yes, there sure is. Jim is dedicated to meeting as many of his fans as possible, so he uses a unique, streamlined process. Below is a summary of what to do, but also be sure to read the blog post and FAQ dedicated to Jim and Garfield’s appearance HERE.

Step 1: Head to the Tattered Cover Pavilion on the main convention floor (maps of the convention floor coming soon).

Step 2: Purchase a pre-autographed copy of Jim’s latest book, “Age Happens: Garfield Hits the Big 4-0”— remember, this is the FIRST AND ONLY place you can get the book before it goes on sale to the rest of the world!

Step 3: Take your pre-signed book to the photo line at the scheduled times on Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16 only to get a selfie taken with Jim and the larger-than-life Garfield. Bring your own phone or camera, and a Denver Pop Culture Con team member will take your picture at no extra cost!