DPCC Fan Pandemic Recommendations

Last month, we shared some of our own recommendations for passing time in quarantine and asked for your picks. We received dozens of submissions and comments. — and have highlighted some that stood out below…

Got a pop culture recommendation you want heard? Tell us about it


Your Pop Culture Recommendations

Denver Pop Culture Con supporters like you shared tons of great ways you’re using pop culture so we’re highlighting them  in the hopes that they spark a new interest in a game to play, show to watch, book to read, or other ways to make this maddening time a little less so.

And here are the results! After going through all the responses from our great DPCC community, we can see that everyone is spending their time in different pop culture realms.

Many of you returned to old classics or interests for the familiarity and comfort such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor Who, Stargate, Gilmore Girls, Various Marvel Comics, the Harry Potter Books, among others. Others jumped into newer shows and media to pass the time like The Magicians, Locke and Key, Animal Crossing, and The Mandalorian, among others.


What You Said

Here are some of our favorites from your comments and recommendations:

Music matters.

There’s comfort in familiarity.

Reading and gaming rule.

Who doesn’t love Cap, Tony, and the crew?

Anime and Animal Crossing?Awesome!

Magic, Myth, And More!

So does variety.


Audiobooks are magical.

Sometimes it’s simple.

SG-1 forever!

Comics and animation.

Tell us more!

We’re working on a fantastic Denver Pop Culture Con for this Thanksgiving Weekend, so keep the streaming services playing, the bookmarks at the ready, and the cosplay gear ready for this November.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself and keep your pop culture recommendations coming so you can stay connected and help inform November’s event.