DPCC’s Most Excellent History Debunk


By Holly M., Team DPCC

With the (hopefully) most excellent Bill and Ted Face the Music set to premiere in September 2020, it’s a good time to set straight some of the truly bogus historical depictions from the original movies.

School is almost in session, so let’s help Bill and Ted get their history right!


Bill and Ted: Napoleon Bonaparte was a “short dead dude”.

Most excellent historical fact: Napoleon Bonaparte was the first emperor of France who killed millions of people during his time in power. Although he was short, he was feared for his intense and terrifying demeanor.

For a more accurate look at Napoleon check out these resources:


Comics and Books

“HISTORY COMICS: Issue #1 – Napoleon Bonaparte and The Battle of Waterloo” (Carol and Flynn, 2014).


Movies and TV

“Napoleon” (Simoneau, 2002)
“Waterloo” (Bondarchuk, 1970)
“Napoleon” (Gance, 1927)
“Napoleon” (PBS, 2000)



Bill and Ted: Joan of Arc is “Noah’s wife”.

Most excellent historical fact: Joan of Arc was a selfless hero to the French during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years War. She is more than just a woman attached to the name of a man. She was a heroine and is a recognized saint.

For a more accurate look at Joan of Arc check out these resources:


Comics and Books

“Brazen” (Bagieu, 2018)
“Messenger: The Legend of Joan of Arc” (Lee and Hart, 2015)
“The Mission of Joan of Arc” (Kosloski, 2019)


Movies and TV

“Joan of Arc” (Duguay, 1999)
“The Passion of Joan of Arc” (Dreyer, 1928)
“The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc” (Besson, 1999)
“The Trial of Joan of Arc” (Bresson, 1962)



Bill and Ted: Genghis Khan was a “good guy”.

Most excellent historical fact: Seriously, dudes! Genghis Khan was one of history’s most evil rulers. He killed an estimated 40 million — yes, MILLION— people. He was anything but a good guy.

For a more accurate look at Genghis Khan check out these resources:


Comics and Books

“Secret Battles of Genghis Khan” (Gregory and Robinson, 2013)
“Genghis Khan” (Wenjie, 2004)


Movies and TV

“Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan” (Bodrov, 2007)
“Genghis Khan: The Story of a Lifetime” (Annakin and Margheriti, 2010)



Bill and Ted: Caesar was a “salad dressing”.

Most excellent historical fact: Caesar dressing is used on caesar salads. Julius Caesar, on the other hand, was a Roman general, dictator, and one of history’s most feared rulers.

For a more accurate look at Caesar check out these resources:


Comics and Books

“Caesar’s Conquests” (1956)


Movies and TV

“The History Channel Presents Julius Caesar’s Rome” (2005)
“Rome” (Various Directors, 2005)
“Spartacus” (Kubrick,1960)
“I, Caesar – The Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire” (Grabsky and Nicholson, 2008)



Bill and Ted Fact: George Washington “chased Moby Dick”.


Most excellent historical fact: George Washington had nothing to do with Herman Melville’s classic book, Moby Dick. It was Ahab who chased the whale in this narrative.

For a more accurate look at George Washington and the (entirely unrelated) Moby Dick, check out these resources:


Comics and Books

“Action Presidents #1: George Washington!” (Van Lente and Dunavey, 2020)
“George Washington: Leading a New Nation” (Doeden, 2006)
George Washington in Literature
“Classics Illustrated #5: Moby Dick,” Classics Illustrated, September, 1942


Movies and TV

“George Washington” (Kulik, 1984)



Bill and Ted Fact: Socrates is pronounced “So-crates”.

Our most excellent fact: Bill and Ted eventually learn this for their history presentation, but it’s pronounced “SO:kruh:teez”.

For a more accurate look at Socrates check out these resources:


Comics and Books

Action Philosophers (Van Lente and Dunlavey, 2018)
“POLIS: The trail of Socrates Part I” (Galt-Miller and Becker, 2019)


Movies and TV

Netflix – Episode of Socrates – “Genius of the Ancient World” (Cowling, 2015)
“Socrates” (Rossellini, 1971)



More Truly Excellent Stories from History

Bill and Ted may not have the best grasp of history, but you can! Explore some of the great stories of history with these resources:

Bill and Ted Face the Music premieres August 2020.