Comics Guests

Barbara Kesel


Barbara Kesel initially entered the comics industry after writing a 10-page letter to editor Dick Giordano regarding the portrayal of female comic book characters. Her first published comics story was a Batgirl backup feature in Detective Comics #518 (Sept. 1982). She became an associate editor at DC Comics in 1985 and was promoted to editor the following year. In 1988, she co-wrote (with her then-husband Karl Kesel) a Hawk and Dove miniseries, followed by the team’s ongoing series that ran from 1989 until 1991, illustrated by fellow DPCC guest, illustrator and animator Greg Guler! As a solo writer, Barbara scripted the licensed Dungeons & Dragons series Spelljammer in 1990 and an adaptation of the D&D novel trilogy Avatar in 1991. She then became an editor at Dark Horse Comics, wrote for Image Comics (Savant Garde, Stormwatch) and Marvel Comics (Ultragirl, Captain America/Citizen V Annual '98). She worked as both a writer and editor at CrossGen from 2000 to 2004 where she scripted the series Meridian, The First, Sigil, Solus and CrossGen Chronicles. In 2007 and 2010, Tokopop released Kesel-written volumes of Legends of the Dark Crystal, an OEL manga based on Jim Henson's film The Dark Crystal. Recently, she’s written forMy Little Pony, and a Wonder Woman story for DC's Sensation Comics #13. Kesel is an outspoken opponent of sexism in the comic book industry. She is known for her strong female characters and created Grace, the ruler of the Golden City location in Comics' Greatest World.