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Steve Englehart

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Legendary comics writer Steve Englehart joins DPCC2020 fans for our July 4th weekend celebration of heroes like Captain America - which he wrote in the swingin’ 70s, creating such characters as Nomad, and cementing Falcon’s place in the MCU! In addition to our favorite red, white and blue, hero, Steve is known for his decades of work at Marvel writing the Avengers, Defenders, Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four, Luke Cage: Hero for Hire, and West Coast Avengers. Fans of Guardians of the Galaxy? Steve created Star-Lord! He is the writer that gave X-Men’s Beast his blue-fur, introduced the dark god known as Shuma-Gorath and mystical Agamotto (Doctor Strange), and helped make Captain Mar-Vell a cult classic after his friend Jim Starlin's legendary run. He created the character Kilowog for the Green Lantern Corps, Mantis for the Avengers, Valkyrie for the Defenders, Batman’s love interest Silver St. Cloud, and with collaborator Jim Starlin – Shang Chi for Masters of Kung Fu, and many more! While at DC he worked on the Justice League of America and Green Lantern he wrote a definitive run on Detective Comics that has influenced many future interpretations of Batman, including the 1989 film, and returning the Joker to his homicidal roots.