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Karl Brevik

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Karl Brevik, also known as Captain K Cosplay, also known as Sexy Gandalf, is a professional cosplayer, host, comedian, model and actor with SAG/AFTRA. He is a Colorado native who also founded and operates the charity CareActor Select and is studying at Sturm College of Law. Specializing over the last decade in live, improvisational character performance, he is thrilled to be returning as a moderator, panelist and emcee for the Costume Celebration. Currently on a national convention tour, Karl is and will always be a proud member of the Colorado cosplay community. Play has been his favorite half of the word cosplay and through this he has been described as "The man of a million faces and one great spirit." Featured by, appointed Dread Pirate status by Cary Elwes and the self appointed president of the Sexy Wizard Club, Karl will be coming to you live all weekend! Be sure to say hi!

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