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Larina Quinn

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Larina Quinn is a self taught artist, makeup guru, and cosplay queen. Skilled in a number of mediums, Larina’s art has won several awards and shows a love of countless fandoms, from classic comic books to the disnerd in us all. With a repertoire of over twenty cosplays, ranging from the charm of Spider-Gwen’s Gwen Stacy to the terror of Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Kruger, Larina is most know for her favorite DC Comics character, the unstoppable Harley Quinn. A fan of imaginative takes, Larina loves to recreate different versions of Harley through fabrication and complex makeup designs, proving theres no one way to do cosplay. Whatever the subject, Larina continues to push the envelope in new and creative ways to help expand the nerd universe and to encourage new fans to join the cosplay life! Follow Larina on Instagram @larina.quinn.cosplay.

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