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Sat F.C. Yee, author and master of Brazilian martial arts, is coming to DPCC 2020, with The Iron Will of Genie Lo, a brand-new follow-up to last year’s middle-grade novel, The Epic Crush of Genie Lo. The Genie Lo books tell the story of the eponymous 16-year-old's struggle to get into a top-tier college and her discover that she's a celestial spirit powerful enough to crash the gates of heaven. Come to Con to pick up both books, and the forthcoming publication of his books set in the universe of the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, including 2019’s The Rise of Kyoshi, and the forthcoming Shadow of Kyoshi, launching in July. These new novels will tell the untold storie of Kyoshi, the Earth Kingdom-born Avatar – perfect for any young fan of the series – or any anime or manga!

Author autographs are free. You may bring your own books, or buy copies at the show, and have them signed at one of our 10 author booths in Merchant Mesa near the Upper-F entrance during the authors' posted signing times.

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