Pop Culture Quarantine Recommendations

By Holly Mandziak

Pop culture can help keep us connected, creative, and even sane in these uncertain times. That’s why the team at Denver Pop Culture Con and Pop Culture Classroom have put together a special list of Pop Culture Quarantine recommendations below.

We’d love to hear your recommendations too!

We asked the team at Denver Pop Culture Con and Pop Culture Classroom the same question we’re asking you:

“What ONE movie, television show, book, comic, audio book, video game, graphic novel, etc. is keeping you entertained during your time at home.”

Here’s what the team recommends in…

  1. Film, Television, and Streaming
  2. Gaming
  3. Books and Comics

Film, Television, and Streaming

Adam Kullberg
Director of Education

“I’m currently loving Better Call Saul

“The show has the same pace and dramatics as its predecessor, Breaking Bad (one of my all-time favorites), but adds in a great mix of humor as well, making it perfect for binging. You can’t help but get pulled in by the characters and plot. The show is on its final season now, and it just keeps getting better.”


Ways to Enjoy

Becky Walde
Director of Operations

The Office

I love The Office.

This show is a staple in my home. I find comfort in it, and it makes me laugh even though I’ve seen it so many times. I mean, if you haven’t seen The Office after this long, I am not sure I could convince you, except maybe with this quote…

‘I like waking up to the smell of bacon, sue me. And since I don’t have a butler, I have to do it myself…’ – Michael Scott.”


Ways to Enjoy

Angie Morency
Office Manager

“My family and I are re-watching Monk.

“I feel like I can really relate to Monk right now. Plus, my husband and my 5-year-old son also love it, so it’s great to watch together. It has mystery, suspense, humor and some really beautiful emotional scenes.

Tony Shalhoub is an amazing actor and he brings so much heart to a very complex character. Bonus, his brother is an actor in Colorado! Another bonus, Ted Levine, (who plays Stottlemeyer), is the same actor who played Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs.” 


Ways to Enjoy

Christina Angel
Convention Director

“I just finished the SyFy series, The Magicians.

“It’s fantasy, realism, tragedy, comedy, and endlessly pop-culture referential, with loveable characters I would want to know in real life (were I cool enough to hang with them). It’s magic graduate school, with hard-drinking/drugging, swearing, unconventional magicians who make jokes, rip your heart out, save the multiverse, and oh, there’s a musical episode every season a la Buffy. Watch this!”


Ways to Enjoy

Ryan Mills
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Haikyuu!! (Anime)

I’m not a sports anime fan, but this show is a fantastic and binge-worthy look at one volleyball team’s rise from obscurity.

“The characters and story are so likeable and entertaining that you can’t help but like even the rival teams. The show is so upbeat and happy that it’s a great reprieve during this time. With four seasons to watch, it will fill a good chunk of time until the rest of season four comes back in July!”


Ways to Enjoy


Liz Jaite
Exhibitor Services Manager

“Animal Crossing New Horizons (✿ ♥‿♥)

“It’s been eight years since a new console Animal Crossing. This game is great because you can explore the world while being inside or sitting in your backyard. I mean, who doesn’t want to farm tarantulas in their pajamas while micromanaging an island of animals?”


Ways to Enjoy

Matt Slayter
Education Program Manager

“Dude. It’s gotta be the Resident Evil 3 Remake.

“Resident Evil is my comfort food. Something about the mix of exploration, item management, and moment to moment tension gets me GOING, not to mention the thrill of replaying on different difficulty levels. Resident Evil 3 is the only mainline series entry that I had never played before, and this remake doesn’t disappoint!”


Ways to Enjoy

Books and Comics

Chris Burley
Marketing Director

Tokyo Ghost by Rick Remender and Sean Murphy (Image Comics)

“An especially timely story about virtual spaces and human connection, Tokyo Ghost has crisp dialogue and lots of action. It also raises some poignant questions about escapism and coping. It’s definitely not for younger readers, but I’ve found plenty to love and challenge me in this limited series from Image.”


Ways to Enjoy

Holly Mandziak
Marketing Intern

The Hunger Games trilogy

“After having been sent back home from university, I am back to living in my childhood bedroom with my bookshelves that are stocked with all my old YA reads. With The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes debuting in only a month, I picked up my old treasured Hunger Games books and have been reliving my favorite YA characters and world. I think the nostalgia is really helping me cope right now. (Also, everyone is dying their hair crazy colors and it made me think, maybe this is how the crazy styles of the Capitol began…).”


Ways to Enjoy

What Are Your Pop Culture Quarantine Recommendations?

What piece of pop culture is helping you through this time of isolation and quarantine? Let us know and be featured in our community blog post! Now more than ever, the DPCC and PCC community should be there to support and celebrate one another. (And we need to add to our lists!)