Do You Know a Best in US Hero?

Nominate Someone for a Best in US Hero Award

Heroes are everywhere. They teach our children. They protect our communities and our country. They lift up the best in us through their service.

Do you know someone who represents the Best in US? Shout out their contributions by nominating them for a Denver Pop Culture Con Best in US Award in one of these categories:

  • Educator Nomination
  • First Responder Nomination
  • Military / Veterans Nomination
  • Other Community Hero Nominations

This year, Denver Pop Culture Con is celebrating these real-world heroes in our communities as part of 2020’s special Best in US awards — and we could use your help.

What is a Best in US Hero?

Best in US heroes exist in every community where someone is steps up to help their neighbors and make our communities healthier, safer, more informed, and more inclusive. They aren’t just the educators, who — with little notice — have redesigned teaching plans to accommodate social distancing. They’re not only the emergency medical personnel caring for the sick. And they’re not confined to the ranks of the first responders and armed services personnel working to keep our communities safe.

A Best of US Hero is anyone in the community who makes an extraordinary effort to serve others and inspire learning, inclusion, imagination, community, and opportunity.

Honoring Heroes in a Time of Challenges

We sincerely hope — and are working hard — to be able to bring people together to celebrate July 4 weekend at Denver Pop Culture Con. With more than three months to go before Denver Pop Culture Con, we currently have no plans to cancel or delay the event. However, we are closely monitoring and following the guidance of city, county, state, and federal officials.

In the meantime, we’re doing what we can to lift up our real-world heroes with the Best in US Hero Awards.

Best in US Awards Criteria

Nominate a Best in US Heroes based on the following values and criteria:

  • Learning and Literacy: This person significantly advances creative learning opportunities for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: This person recognizes the strength of inclusive and diverse communities, actively working to lift up opportunities, stories, and experiences for people who may not otherwise have access to them.   
  • Creativity and Self Expression: This person teaches others to build or create something that improves someone’s life or beatifies their community.
  • Service: This person performs a vital public service for our communities.
  • Integrity: This person is honest with strong, community-minded principals that guide their work
  • Compassion: This person recognizes the impact of lost opportunities and marginalization on our communities and strives to address them.


Final Best in US winners from each category will receive:

  • Four (4) FREE Three-Day Passes to Denver Pop Culture Con;
  • Denver Pop Culture Con gear
  • Public recognition; and
  • More


Current and former employees and board members of Pop Culture Classroom, as well as their family members and loved ones, are ineligible for nomination.

Only those nominees who can provide verifiable proof of identity and, in the case profession-specific award categories (Armed Services, First Responder, Teacher/Educator), proof of relevant affiliation/employment/service.

Determining a Winner

Winners will be selected through this process:


  • March 22: Best in US Awards Nominations Open
  • April 23: Nominations Close
  • April 24: May 18 Selection of Semifinalists by Pop Culture Classroom and Denver Pop Culture Con Staff and Board
  • May 18: Announcement of Semifinalists
  • May 18: June 18: Public Vote to Determine Top 3 Finalists
  • June 18: Announcement of Finalists
  • June 18 – June 25: Judge Selection of Winner from 3 Finalists
  • June 25 – June 25: alert/interview winners
  • June 29: Announce winners
  • July 3: Presentation of Awards at. Denver Pop Culture Con Opening Night


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