Denver Pop Culture Con Statement on Protests in Denver, Nationwide

(Denver, June 3, 2020) — Denver Pop Culture stands with friends, family, supporters, volunteers, creators, and other concerned people seeking meaningful change in the Denver community and communities around the country.

We believe everyone has a right to be equally heard and respected. And we believe black lives matter.

When our communities – our friends, our colleagues, our fellow humans in the world – are hurting, facing discrimination and senseless violence, we have a responsibility to reaffirm these beliefs, and to speak up in solidarity, empathy, and love.

Our community would not and cannot exist without our diversity — or our ability to imagine a better, more just world. We celebrate the diverse creators and the community of fans who find inspiration, entertainment, solace, and connection in comics and other pop culture.

Pop culture generates powerful educational opportunities, both measurable and immeasurable, and real human connections across people with different backgrounds and experiences.

We believe education is the antidote to ignorance and hate. Education creates opportunities to create understanding, empathy, and a better world.

This is why DPCC exists — and we’ll be working in the days, weeks, and months ahead to honor our diverse community of creators and fans and promote understanding and community empowerment through popular culture and education.

Media Contact:
Christopher Burley, 202-427-1175 or c.burley[at]


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