By Holly M., Denver Pop Culture Con Contributor

When it comes to recommendations, people in the Denver Pop Culture Con community are TV lovers at heart. See some of the shows that television and anime fans think you should be watching.

In 2020, screen times have increased. A lot of us are re-watching our favorite television and streaming programs. We’re turning to old comforts and nostalgia. And we’re taking time to watch shows we may not have checked out before.


Your TV Picks

Earlier this fall, we asked for your top popular culture picks from the past few months. The results are in — and television and anime are still in style.


The most popular picks were:


The Boys


“Great TV adaptation of a comic book. Takes a unique perspective on the superhero world.” —  Sean

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Prime Video


Critical Role


“Nerdy voice actors play D&D in this engrossing show. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get incredibly invested in fictional characters.” — kelcy1517

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Twitch (on Thursdays)


Umbrella Academy


“It is a good story with great representation and a great sense of humor and very entertaining.” — coorsfieldrox

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“It’s an awesome show although it’s ending this year after 15 seasons, I’m truly gonna miss it.” — ice235man

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American Ninja Warrior


“They held a season with COVID safety measures in place and is currently airing for several more weeks. It was a smaller season but still managed to capture what makes the show great and why it continues to be a growing sport and fan base around the world. Several competitors live in Colorado and we held a panel back in 2019. Motivating stories, incredible acts of strength and agility on diabolical obstacle courses. A great family show!” — ryan.stratis

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The Walking Dead (spinoffs included)


“Character driven stories, excellent graphics, fleshed out world through multiple series.” — blythe.stowe

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The Witcher


“It has something for everyone: magic, sword-fighting, creatures, royalty, singing and more things that make it exciting to watch!” — leatho2125

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What else are you enjoying right now?


Keep those recommendations coming! Denver Pop Culture Con wants to know about the books, comics, movies, video, games, and other pop culture that you’re loving!

Please share your recommendations. We’ll report back on what we’re hearing from pop culture fans periodically — so pop culture fans find new favorite titles, creators, games, and programs.