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Joe Corroney

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Do you long to be the spark that lights the fire that will restore the Republic? Have you always sought to uphold the mission of the Prime Directive? Do you love Star Wars or does your heart belong to Star Trek? Wherever your allegiance lies, you're not going to want to miss Joe Corroney (Mission's End, The Next Generation, New Adventures, Empire) at DPCC'19. Corroney has been illustrating for both sci-fi sagas since 1997, contributing to not only comics but also to books, games, trading cards, comics, and prints. Beyond the boundaries of space, Corroney has worked with IDW (X-Files, True Blood, GI Joe), BOOM! Studios (Doctor WHO, Farscape), Dark Horse (Spike vs. Dracula), and Marvel (Avengers, Indiana Jones, The Walking Dead, The Hobbit). In addition to illustrating, this Ohio-based artist is also an illustration instructor at Columbus College of Art & Design.